Slot machine by Nolimit City titled “Pixies vs. Pirates.”

In the New Slot Game, Pixies Do Battle with Pirates

These days, pirates appear to be everywhere, and there are scores of slot machines that have been inspired by the mischievous actions of rogue mariners. You may very well be wondering if there is anyone who can stop their ambition for oceanic dominance, and if this is the case, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Or rather, a possibility that cannot be ruled out. In the latest slot game to be released by Nolimit City, titled Pixies vs. Pirates, a band of pixies has taken up arms against a band of pirates in an attempt to win an epic battle to the death. Will they be successful, or will the winged wonders fall to pieces as quickly as a flock of seagulls trying to catch cannonballs? The only way to know is to wait…

729 Ways to Obtain Victory

Players have the opportunity to win 729 different ways with each spin on the six-reel, three-row slot machine known as Pixies vs. Pirates. It should come as no surprise that the action of the game takes place at sea, and the reels are positioned in front of the wheel of a ship that seems like it belongs to a pirate. The lower-value playing card ranks of 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A are represented as symbols on the reels of Pixies vs. Pirates. There are also three pixies (blue, green, and gold), three pirates (turquoise, purple, and red), and a Pixies vs. Pirates scroll that functions as a scatter symbol. This game also includes special symbols known as xWays Mystery Chest and xNudge Wild. These symbols play a significant role in two linked aspects that will be detailed further down.

xNudge’s Wild Card Functionality

The xNudge Wild symbol can stack and functions as a wild like it would in any other game; but, when it does appear on a reel, it will automatically nudge to expand itself so that it fills the entire reel. As the symbol nudges, every nudge up or down will also raise its worth as a multiplier. Because of this, you may start hoping that the symbol will sneak onto only one row to begin with so that its multiplier value can be increased.

xWays Mystery Chest as a Functionality

Another one that you should keep an eye out for is the xWays Mystery Chest sign. The treasure box will open up and convert into a standard symbol when this feature lands on the reels. It will then expand to provide you with many instances of that symbol arranged in stacked fashion. This will also result in an increase in the number of different ways that one can win, which is quite desirable.

Free Games During the Battle Rounds

In order to activate the Battle Rounds Free Spins bonus round, you must first have three scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels at the same time. Your chances of winning will increase along with the intensity of the conflict between the pixies and the pirates at this point, thanks to the fact that all of the reels, with the exception of the first one, will expand to contain six rows, providing you with an incredible 11,664 different possibilities to accomplish so.

You have the option of taking the side of the pirates or the pixies by selecting the proper emblem, which will either be the Pixie Queen or the Pirate Captain. After that, you will be awarded eight free spins in the Battle Round, and whenever your chosen symbol appears during those spins, it will be collected. If your side’s symbol is gathered a greater number of times than the other side’s symbol, the Battle Round feature will be retriggered, and the fun will begin anew from the very beginning. In the event that both sides collect the same number of symbols, the victor will be determined by whose side you selected.

A Bottle of Pixie Dust and a Yo Ho Ho are Required

Although the idea of pixies and pirates engaging in combat may not be the most intuitive one, this is precisely what makes the game Pixies vs. Pirates such a lot of fun to play. When the xWays and xNudge mechanisms are taken into account, this is a game that not only has a lot of potential for big wins but also a lot of potential for big wins. Try your luck at Videoslots Casino today, and may the better side of the reels bring you victory!

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